• Scientific Usage – PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE can be used as a urine control for testing equipment. Due to the synthetic urine being made in a lab, the urine is produced as non-toxic and clean. Use it to calibrate the testing equipment and you are able to heat PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE multiple times for use. 
  • Urine Therapy – Due to it being made in the lab, PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is cleaner and toxin free in comparison to naturally emitted human urine. Some cultures participate in urine therapy as they believe that urine has medicinal properties.
  • Fetish – The laboratory-made synthetic urine is far more sanitary and safer than regular, natural urine used by those who have pee-fetishes. PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE will mimic how regular urine feels and look yet is healthier.
  • Pranks – Use PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE for pranks, novelty tricks, and jokes since it is laboratory-made with specific similarities to pee yet it is healthier and does not contain the toxins human urine does. 


PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is a top quality synthetic urine brand that has been tested in lab before going to its consumers. We have generated a premium blend of creatine and pH levels with other normal human urine components and a specific gravity similar to naturally emitted urine. However, it is a clean, safe, and 100% toxin free product. PURE STREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is hassle-free as it requires no mixing and is ready-to-use.  It is a male/female compatible product that is easy to use and available to you, today.


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